Electrical Earth bond clamp ratchet pliers

Ratchet pliers that pull the excess metal strap tight in confined spaces.

Full Description:
The ratchet tool grips the metal strap of the earth clamp until all slack is taken then the tention screw on the Tenby EC15 is screwed in until clamp is tight. A lever than releases pliers to allow strap to feeely slide form the jaws.This tool is a deviation from existing cable tie ratchet tool for tentioning cable ties.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Thousands of Tenby EC 15 earth bond clamps are used each day by electricians.It can be difficult to hold the clamp tight while screwing the clamp to pipe work. This tool gives you the second hand to facilitate the tightening of the clamp to make a safer electrical connection.

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Invention #10714
Date posted: 2008-04-03

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