Online job agency

The idea brings the coat down for employers looking to hire staff and that will draw employees to join the web site. Though the joining fee and the final fee, the host stands to become a very profitable person.

Full Description:
The idea is simple, its a web site that allows employers and employees to come together without actual meeting.The online chat rooms allow for online interviews to take place. On joining the web site, employees looking for a job are drawn into a data base that orgaizines them in the type of employment they are looking for. The empolyer is alos put on to a data base that will allow the host to arrange online interviews, which reduces the cost of hiring rooms for employer and reducing the cost for travel, for employees and also the finders fee is also less because the web site will do everything it self.
A small fee to join for empoyer and employee is how the host will make a small profit from just sit at home.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The idea brings the job agency costs down, making it more cost affective for employers. It also is an easier way for employees, looking for a job, to get to interview locations.

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Invention #10718
Date posted: 2008-04-07

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