Binocular like camera with multiple lenses for all the views in quicker take.

Full Description:
A camera binocular robotic like creation. The main piece being at least a foot long with a slight curve to the ends for easier viewing access. Camera would include the ability to function under extreme conditions including underwater functions. The lenses could extract up to 2 feet each, depending on the viewing range of each lens, each being some of the most bendable robotic functions ever made going a full 360 degrees in every way possible, so you can just pick a spot to chill and barely have to move to get photos from every range. Would also contain every possible function a camera can with-hold.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Little time for photograph taken or need for multiple pictures taken at once from several different angles and views.

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Invention #10733
Date posted: 2008-04-11

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