The All In One Case

The All In One Case is a drawer stand that expands upward to create a shelf with drawers in between each one.

Full Description:
Dimensions (non-expanded)
Heighth= 3 ft.
Width= 2 ft.
Depth= 15''
Dimensions (expanded)
Heighth= 6 ft.
Other things remain the same.

There are four drawers, nine inches in height and 21 inches in width. The width is is narrower because 1 and a half inches come in from the sides where it meets the side of the drawer. So 3inches+ 21 inches equals 2 ft. (24 in) like stated above. The reason why it comes in from the sides is so the wood can cover up the bar on the inside of the drawer. There are metal bars on the four corners of the inside of it. One bar on the inside is connected the underside of the drawer above it- this is on all 4 corners. When it is pulled upward it slides up into place locking by itself. You must slide up one drawer at a time. When slid up there is a 9 inch clearance in between the drawers creating a shelf. None of the bars are touching or connected to one another so this means that there can be as many shelves you want up to 3. You can have even one shelf open in the middle if you want to. Basically, this is a two in one object.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention eliminates having to have a drawer and a shelf that takes up two spaces in a room.

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Invention #10744
Date posted: 2008-04-21

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