Solar powered gas light

Not your average solar garden light. This is a lamp post made to look like the old gas mantle street lights that were used in the days before electricity.

Full Description:
The lamp post used in the prototype is a colonial style garden light approx 7ft tall. The head has six panels of clear glass so that the three gas mantles are visible inside. The mock gas assembly is made from brass colored plastic and houses three x 3 watt LEDs which shine downward into the three plastic mantles which glow very convincingly. The mantles for the prototype were made from molding plastic with a fabric texture pressed into it.

Power is provided by a 12 volt lead acid battery which is charged during the day by an appropriately rated solar panel and automatically switched over to run the lamp as night falls, just as a standard LED garden light would.

The addition of a simple pink noise circuit with a small speaker produces a quiet hiss, further convincing passers-by that it is actually a gas powered light from another century.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Decorative garden lighting

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Date posted: 2008-05-12

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