Easy little traveler (Disposable nappy with integrated fragranced plastic bag)

Integrated plastic bag in back part of disposable nappy between the inner and outer layer of the nappy, that can be retracted and fold over soiled nappy.

Full Description:
A fragranced plastic bag is integrated between the inner and outer layer at the back part of the disposable nappy. The opening at the back of the nappy is closed off with the same velcro type of tape that is used to fasten the nappy at the front. The plastic bag is pulled from the nappy, where it is hidden between the inner and outer layer at the back bmo pulling the velcro which is secured at the one side, and fold over the soiled nappy, then securely knotted and disposed off by usual means, dustbin etc. No embarrassing moments, no mess. no smell, no fuss. Easy to use two in one disposable nappy, plastic bag attached to the nappy, no more seperate bags to travel with nappies. This one has a "build in" plastic bag for Dad's convenience and hygiene and Mom's peace of mind.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
No more extra plastic bags to be packed seperately in the nappy bag or looking for plastic bags when visiting friends or traveling, to dispose off soiled nappies. Two in one, user friendly idea.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Price: Negotiable
Interested party: Any Disposable nappy company or interested individual

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Invention #10795
Date posted: 2008-05-23

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