The Digital Miracle Camera (D.M.C.) is a hi-tec device (camera) which looks normal to the eyes;but, with built up systems to aid in stopping most of the torror attacks ahead of time.

Full Description:
This CAMERA is aided by CIRCULAR DETECTOR DEVICES which are mounted on STREET LIGHT POLES, ELECTRICAL POLES, HOUSES, etc. the MICROSCOPIC INFRA-RED VOICE DETECTOR (M.V.D.) has a sensor mechanism to trap the voice of anyone at along distances. This then transmits on the super sonic wave length voice tapper of the Digital Miracle Camera (D.M.C.) with the aid of built-in-receivers to enhance the chromatic picture effects respectively.
The images are obtained on the speciallly provided CHIP SENSOR which has a magnetised voice tapping device.
This CAMERA can also be used as a SPY CAMERA.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
To check the SECURITY of the people in this era of TORRORIST attacks.

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Invention #10838
Date posted: 2008-06-17

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