The Personal Advertisement Banner

The Personal Advertisement Banner is an innovation, which will monetize User Generated Content, and bring that profit to creators of content. While, displaying an advertisement effectively.

Full Description:
In 1989 new territory of the World Wide Web was discovered. People instantly recognized value of a land with good location or good address. These indiscreet investment lead to what we remember as a "dot com bubble." After this incident, the new world was much more stabilized. Some with large capital or with high technology dominated this world and created a large building called yahoo, and msn providing services and contents for ordinary people, while amassing wealth around themselves. However, 20 years later the discovery of the technology it became easy for an ordinary person to create content and provide some service. Therefore, some people started to build a building called Wikipedia, Youtube, Friendster and Facebooks for an ordinary person to create and share content themselves. Finally, in 2008 a new wealth distributing system called the PAB arose, and generated more wealth on the territory of the World Wide Web, by sharing this wealth with ordinary people.

My friend called Aaron represents one of these ordinary people. He is a member of two different social-networking web pages, and spends most of his time on the Youtube. As a student at the Northwestern University who majors in economics, he participates in fierce debate over economics in some web pages, and writes valuable articles articulating his opinion. With the PAB, every single one of his action on the World Wide Web would lead to his or other content provider's profit. When he watches a video on the Youtube with the PAB, a video up loader would earn some profit. And if he writes an article that is well exposed, it will lead to his profit. The PAB intends to monetize User Generated Content and give that profit to generators.

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Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Monetization of UGC, The Economist, Everywhere and nowhere
Mar 19th 2008

Social networking appears to be similar in this regard. The big internet and media companies have bid up the implicit valuations of MySpace, Facebook and others. But that does not mean there is a working revenue model. Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder, recently admitted that Google's “social networking inventory as a whole” was proving problematic and that the “monetisation work we were doing there didn't pan out as well as we had hoped.” Google has a contractual agreement with News Corp to place advertisements on its network, MySpace, and also owns its own network, Orkut. Clearly, Google is not making money from either.

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Date posted: 2008-06-23

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