Universal T.V. Remote Mobitel (U.T.V.R.M.)

The UNIVERSAL T.V. REMOTE MOBITEL is with an AUTO CARD SCANNING PHONING SYSTEM.It is y CELL-PHONE and a REMOTE CONTROL as well.It has a sensor which can scan through radios, Videos, T.V.s, sounds systems, lighting systems, turntables, and C.D.s of any levels.

Full Description:
This is a HI-TEC Universal Cellular Phone with Remote Sensors.The DIAGRAM given below tells more of it.It has multipurpose functional units to aid it to scan through any phoning CARD systems used in this world.
This phone measures (12.0 x 4.0 x 0.5)cm; with a DIGITAL SCREEN of (3.0 x 2.6)cm.
This type of phone can be used where ever on this earth.You don't need to worry yourself by changing any CHIP from place to place.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
A NEW TECHNOLOGY in the Mobile Phone Industry.

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Date posted: 2008-06-27

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