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My idea is a way to have the same safety,comfort, access to emergency services, and communication ability that is available to automobile owners. In a motorcycle helmet, the first and only one of it's kind.

Full Description:
The helmet will have vocal and or visual onstar same as a tom tom. At a certain amount of force from impact emergency services will be contacted and respond to by voice activation. Just state your destination and your directions will be given to you vocally in your desired language. You will also now be able to talk as you ride with the bluetoothe options. You will also have the option of climate control that is delivered to the helmet by a device that releases cool or warm air by way of a device the size of a walkman radio, the helmet and the device will also have carbondioxide filters so you are always breatheing fresh air. You also have the option of a lojack type device which ensures that you will be located in case you are thrown down a hillside cliff ect... . Now that's what you call luxury, safety, comfort, and style.My e-mail is sincere, and serious only reply please.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The ability to recieve emergency assistance when needed,also the ability to have vocal and or visual onstar options in your choice of languages.You will also have blue toothe abilities, as well as climate control. Also you will have carbindioxide filters for constant fresh air.It will also have a lojack type system which would allow authorities to better pin point your location when thrown off of your cycle which allows for a better chance of survival. It also allows you to receive instructions from onstar while traveling. Your bluetoothe allows hands free phone calls while on the road which also increases better travel time.

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Date posted: 2008-06-28

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