Modular Crankshaft/Camshaft/Engine

The design of the modular crankshaft/camshaft allows it to assembled in flexible configurations allowing a minimum of parts for the maximum variety of different products.

Full Description:
My idea is for a modular crankshaft that can be assembled from modular parts by a simple system of attachment that allows the crankshaft to accommodate different engine designs.

A similar system of attachment may be used to assemble a matching camshaft from modular parts.

The idea is very simple, a component similar to what is necessary can already be made to accommodate high horsepower in a different application, so it should not be very hard to see if the idea is feasible.

The idea is available without cost to anyone who can show the means to develop the idea if they were interested, give proper credit for the idea, and pay a minor royalty once the idea is made profitable (negotiable).

I do not have the means or time to develop this idea.

Anyone interested may forward a suitable signed non-disclosure form and I will forward them a copy of the idea and preliminary rough schematics.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
My idea allows the design of multiple engine configurations (single, double, V-6, straight 4, etc) by a modular crankshaft and camshaft that can be assembled from the same parts into any configuration.

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Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #10896
Date posted: 2008-07-11

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