A Coating Composition and Shipping Pallet Incorporating Same

The present invention relates to coating compositions and particularly for a polyurethane coating composition and shipping pallet coated with the composition.

Full Description:
“Shipping pallets are well known in the art. Pallets are typically made of wood and used for supporting various items. They are constructed to be handled with a forklift or similar lifting device within a plant, a warehouse, or loading dock. There are several disadvantages to wood pallets. These disadvantages include the weight of the pallet and their susceptibility to breakage during use. In addition, wood is subject to deterioration that occurs with age and exposure to weather. Wood is also subject to attack by insects, mold and bacteria. There is the potential for damage to the pallet caused by spills from the goods that the pallets are bearing, for example a chemical spill or even physical damage from heavy loads. As a result, pallets are often discarded at waste sites and landfills. Contaminated wood pallets may present potential environmental hazards. The limited availability of the natural resources used to make the wood pallets is also a concern in many parts of the world. Also, wood pallets are not very hygienic for food and medical applications.
Metal pallets are also available, but have several drawbacks including their expense, susceptibility to corrosion, potentially poor chemical resistance and weight. When corroded, metal pallets are not very hygienic for food or medical applications either.
There have been many attempts to produce plastic pallets which are available in numerous shapes and forms. Industry has looked to plastic as an alternative to wood or metal for a number of reasons including the superior chemical resistance of plastic over wood or metal, the hygienic quality of plastic over wood or metal, the weight advantage of plastic, and the fact that some configurations of plastic pallets are less expensive to manufacture. In addition, plastic provides a major uniformity and consistency advantage in material over wood.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
reduced packaging costs through the use of efficiently managed reusable container systems

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Proposal to sell Paten in whole.
• Lightweight pallet system. Pallets are up to 88% to 95% LIGHTER than the typical timber or heavy plastic pallet commonly used today.
• Latest in plastics Technology. Patent Pending
• Turn key project in 6 months
• 24/7 seven thousand coated pallets per week
• Able to add on for higher production volume
• Fully automated .Multi National machinery supplier
• Custom build for the purpose
Open For offers

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Invention #10897
Date posted: 2008-07-12

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