Supercharger (air compressor) for motorcycle, motor bike, scooter, and small automobile engines

Supercharger dramatically improves, up to 75%, performance of an internal combustion engine used for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and small cars with a displacement of 50cc to 1,500cc. The Supercharger is an easily manufactured positive displacement air pump. This inexpensive "true" air compressor has a simple design, acceptable reliability and light weight.

Full Description:
By supplying compressed fresh air the proposed Supercharger dramatically improves performance of an internal combustion engine used for motorcycles, motor bikes (monkey and ape like), scooters, and even small cars.

The Supercharger is a positive displacement pump. This "true compressor" has a simple design, acceptable reliability and light weight. Easily manufactured, mass production of the device creates an inexpensive air pump which offers power boosting and torque increase of up to 75%. Motorcycle and small car engines with a displacement of 50cc to 1,500cc enjoy the greatest benefit from the Supercharger running at 500rpm through 12,000rpm. Optimal benefit is in 50-350cc displacement engines – continuous use and 400-1,500cc displacement engines – for short-term implementation like street racing. Also the Supercharger may be used to improve performance of some two-stroke engines.

Significant features of the technology:
1. Engines equipped with this Supercharger have higher (40% to 75%) torque at lower RPM
2. Manufacturing cost is 5 to 10 times lower than similar products available on the market
3. The Supercharger is easily adapted to a broad range of power train designs, requiring simple installation to provide an optimal fresh air supply.

To ensure workability of the proposed Supercharger technology the prototype with the following specifications was built and tested:
o Overall dimensions 185x160x110mm make the Supercharger as compact as possible under the set output parameters
o Weight is 3.4kg
o Capacity per revolution is 190cc
o Maximum sustained speed is 6,000rpm
o Compression ratio is 1.35
o Normal output at 6,000rpm is 1.05m3/min, 1.01m3/min, 0.92m3/min, and 0.75m3/min with boost pressure of 0.0bar, 0.2bar, 0.4bar, and 0.6bar accordingly – see the attached diagram.

Also there are two 50cc working models superchargers ("R" and "C" versions, see photos) for 50cc 4stroke gas engines.

File Supercharge_Engine_Voice.wmv contains short clip (~8Mb) of functioning 50cc Z50/AB27 style 4 stroke engine equipped with the Supercharger Kit.
You can see motorcycle dashboard (including manometer) and hear voice of functioning 50cc engine equippped with the Supercharger.
Also pay attention to the manometer showing actual additional pressure, up to 1 bar (1 bar ~ 1 atm ~ 15 psi).

No additional lubrication is required due to the residual oil particles of the given engine and because of materials used to capitalize this Supercharger design.

The technology package for sale includes:
1. Patent applications (both PPA and FPA) ready for submission
2. System to compute main characteristics of a targeted engine after its modification
3. SolidWorks model
4. Full set of AutoCAD blueprints
5. The physical prototype with proven workability
6. Test results.

Additional information and data clearing up the technology and approaches are available upon request.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Motorcycle industry.
Motor bike, scooter, moped, small car manufacturers, individuals, racing team owners, etc.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Business plan, prototypes, client list.

Attached files:

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Date posted: 2008-07-14

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