Ultra-Fast Charging Battery for Mobile Devices

Pioneering development in mobile device battery design to significantly boost the speed of recharging battery power.

Full Description:
- Breakthrough in smart battery charging management which allows for full charging from 0%-100% in a fraction of the normal recharge time.

- Potential of applying the technology in other products such as laptops, tablets, electric vehicles, drones, robots, etc

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
- The innovation will very significantly reduce device recharge wait-time. Many times, mobile device users are forced to continue using their phones while still tethered to a charger, which undermines the purpose and benefits of mobility. This will deal with that problem.

- Very convenient almost-instant recharging of mobile device when consumers need to be on the go. This introduces for the first time, the concept of 'Charge-and-Go' to the industry.

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Invention #10935
Date posted: 2008-08-05

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