Camper tent trailers

A mould that has more that 20 combinations for towing avehicle from a small car to a large 4x4

Full Description:
I look at camper trailer and try to look outside of the square to improve the way camper tent trailer are designed and manufacture to save time.

I call it a R.E.S.T Pod - Not made in plastic but made in fiberglass this is the easy way to get to combinations but could be made out of all steel but this would put more than 4 to 6 hours of time manufacturing

The chassis hold the strength not the fiber glassing it the shell

From the rest pod any manufacture can make your own trailer chasses, suspension and any fitting.

A good canvas maker is required to perfect the construction.

To be supplyed to the manfactureing camper tent trade

The Pod's can be supplied in your color and an inside height

From 300 cm to 900 cm for individual finish.

*A Slide out BED if required and a wet area.

20 combinations one mould.

1. REST Motor Bike Camper

2. REST Light Car Camper (Under 1200cc)

3. REST Small Car on road Camper (Under 2000cc)

4. REST Small Car Off road Camper (Under 2000cc)

5. REST Small Car on road *Pop Nose Camper (Under 2000cc)

6. REST Small Car Off road *Pop Nose Camper (Under 2000cc)

7. REST Medium Car on road Camper (Under 2600cc)

8. REST Medium Car off road Camper (Under 2600cc)

9. REST Small Car on road *Pop Nose Camper (Under 2600cc)

10. REST Small Car off road *Pop Nose Camper (Under 2600cc)

11. REST Car on road Camper (over 2600cc)

12. REST Car on road *Pop Nose Camper (over 2600cc)

13. REST Car off road *Pop Nose Camper (over 2600cc)

14. REST OFF ROAD Camper (4x4 over 2600cc)

15. REST OFF ROAD *Pop Nose Camper (4x4 over 2600cc)

16. REST Expedition Camper (4x4 over 4000cc)

17. REST Expedition *Pop Nose Camper (4x4 over 4000cc)

18. REST Working Bench (over 2600cc)

19. REST Pony horse float (over 2600cc) with yoke fiberglass

20. REST Single Motor Bike Carry (Over 1500cc)

To learn more about the change in the way you can make a Camper Tent Trailer and save manufacturing time but still be your own individual product.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
To get away from the very old system

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Design and or business plan

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #10951
Date posted: 2008-08-11

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