"Pen-Painting Graphics Abstracts".

PEN-PAINTING GRAPHICS ABTRACTS is an ART FORM in which the ARTIST PAINTS an image or work by SHADING with A PEN (BALL-POINT) till the required work is clearly obtained.
It takes TIME and PATIENCE for this type of work; and, it is very attractive to the eyes when finished.

Full Description:
"Pen-Painting Graphics Abstracts" is a unique sytle of work into the FINE-ART world; and, the following are needed to initiate this kind of ARTWORK:-

1). Pens of different colours which has very soft tips to work with,

2). Pencil, erasers and rulers,

3). A spray-gun or, a tooth brush;

4). WHITE ART-CARDS to work with,

5). Different colours of ACRYLIC and some ART BRUSHES,

6). Old magazines or, books to protect the WHITE ART-CARD from hard shadding effects.

First of all, work(s) should be sketched on a piece of MEASURED ART SIZE of the CARD work needed.Then, one should shade the object into ABSTRACTS forms to enhace beauty.
After a piece of work is finished, it should be left dried for some few munites before cleaning off all the unnecessary pencil works left over on the WHITE ART-CARD.

Below are some of my works attached to prove to all ART LOVERS what this sytle of ARTWORK means; and, AN INTERVIEW with a NEWSPAPER REPORT during one of my EXHIBITIONS of this sytle of INNNOVATION in ACCRA (GHANA).

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
A new style of PAINTING into the FINE-ART INDUSTRY which will bring another learning form to the GENERAL PUBLIC and FINE-ART students.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have worked on this since 1983 when the idea first came to me and i have done more EXHIBITIONS in GHANA.Now, i need to publish it to the world for others to KNOW this sytle of FINE-ART format.

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Date posted: 2008-10-22

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