Safety in swimming pool

The use of an airbag to prevent the sinking of people who do not know how to swim

Full Description:
The use of an airbag aperture for the passage of water through while climbing to the surface of the water and be offset by fixed pins to open at the bottom of the swimming pool and there is a pipeline outside of the pad to the highest swimming pool and related gas rapidly deployable box as used in the air pad in the car if One was the sinking of the box is opened it gas and thus spread the gas in air curry pad at the bottom of the swimming pool, open clips quickly and that person is lift quickly and protect them from drowning and we can use this paved the pad air installed in the other clips in the swimming pool bottom out after the gas and change Gas can rapidly deployable new box so we we provide protection to people who swim for Aegedon

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Date posted: 2008-11-11

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