Insulation Extender

A device that performs this procedure with a simple pull of a handle on the part of the employee.

Full Description:
My device is a simple device that incorporates pairs of cable size specific, interchangeable jaws that grip the outer insulation and perform the "milking" task for the employee with the pull of a handle. The jaws are made so that they grip with just enough force to do the job without damaging the cable in any way.
Due to the lack of funding to pursue a patent I would rather not go into anymore detail here but I am willing to discuss in depth with any serious inquiries.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
During electrical harness assembly the outer insulation of a cable must be cut back to allow termination of the indivdual conductors and insertion of these conductors into connectors. Because of the length of backshells or molded strain reliefs that go on some connectors this strip length is sometimes to long and does not allow the backshell or molded strain relief to protect the indivual conductors as designed. The only solution at present is to "milk" the outer insulation back down toward the end of the cable by hand. This time consuming and tedious task can cause problems with the hands and wrists of the person performing this task resulting in Workers Compensation claims to cover the cost of treatment for Tendonitis and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I worked in an electrical assembly plant for over 16 years and I've witnessed this as well as experienced it.

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Invention #11128
Date posted: 2008-11-18

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