The Golf Equalizer

A device that extends from the golf bag for each shot that shows the wind direction and speed. ACCUARATELY.

Full Description:
Have you ever played golf on a windy day? Have you tried to determine the direction of the wind by throwing a hand full of grass in the air only to have it fly in your playing partners face? Many golfers have a difficult time judging where to aim a shot when the wind is blowing. With the Golf Equalizer, Golf Course Wind Gauge, you can prepare your shot with much more confidence! It is a gauge that shows you not only the direction of the wind but the speed so you can choose the right club and line your shot up.

Finally, a new golf product that works as advertised.

The first time you use The Golf Equalizer on a windy day, you will never want to play golf again without it. Fits easily in your bag and even gives you the air temperature.

It’s you personal weather bureau. Provides instant weather reports while you’re playing golf.

Simply put the Equalizer in your bag. It will fit nicely between your clubs. When preparing for a shot extend the Equalizer to a height you like, I recommend 8 feet, and let the Equalizer do the rest. You will be able to see the exact direction of the wind and its speed. The rest is up to you

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Helps a golfer determine, on site, shot by shot, the wind directions, wind speed and temp.

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Invention #11229
Date posted: 2009-01-19

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