Device and a way of personification of observance of rules of traffic

Product consists from separate, cooperating among themselves, devices. Radio reception transferring complete sets (placed in the car and supervising instance) have the compact form and dimensions of an automobile computer. Radio of a label are executed in conformity with standards of chips of radio of frequency identification using a principle. The basic value in opinion of the consumer, in comparison with other devices and devices supervising traffic safety, is the preventive orientation of the device, an additional opportunity to hear the announcement of a road sign. The invention has no analogues. In comparison to competing systems of video of-supervision, the signal system, navigation, fixing of infringements, etc., Used for maintenance of the safe authorized movement on highways, can become The unified system providing all complex of services in this sphere

Full Description:
The invention " the Device of personification and a way of observance of rules of traffic ", the application for the invention in patent department of Ukraine А200805901, a priority from May, 6th 2008г to concern to devices and ways using a principle of radio of frequency identification consists of following basic elements and allows: 1) radio reception by the transferring device with the software of algorithm of observance of rules of traffic:а Located in the car to receive, decipher, write down a signal from radio of labels located close roads, in an operative range of direction finding by the aerial of a moving vehicle, to carry out sound reproduction of road signs on a radio receiver of the car, to read out, keep on a demountable data carrier with external radio the lock of the fiscal control, to process and send the information on infringements of rules of traffic on other devices the roads located close, with function of the control, capable to accept a signal of radio of a label (beacon) and the processed information from the device of the car, to fix all offences and to send messages on infringement of rules and penal sanctions on a mobile phone of the driver of a concrete vehicle and the central item of control service behind movement on given roads, 2) radio to labels:а Located close road to transfer the coded signal reproducing and fixed on devices located in moving Transport of audio the text of a road sign or position of rules of the traffic, located in the car, separately from the basic device to transfer the coded signal with the information on the car to other devices the roads located close, and thus to provide the full account of execution of rules of traffic with the concrete vehicle. The world level of development of technologies in the field of the declared project has, basically, an orientation within the limits of perfection and expansions of use various visual, video of chamber systems, ways and mechanisms of their application in maintenance of observance of rules of traffic

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
. Offered device and a way solve problems:1) assistance of traffic safety on highways, 2) the account of offences accomplished by the concrete driver on a separate vehicle and on the certain site of road, 3) communications, (mobile information interchange) between the separate subject of automobile movement and supervising body, 4) decrease in loadings on sight and additional voice support at perception of road signs the driver. The way of the decision of the put problem - introduction of complex system of personification of observance of rules of traffic in which basis lays set of known separate devices and ways widely used in technics.

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Date posted: 2009-02-26

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