Reconstruction of the worldwide web

Destroy the worldwide web and rebuild it to meet the standards that us Americans seek. 24/7 security of the internet by the best computer specialists and check points,etc.

Full Description:
Bring the world wide web to a hault and save all websites created to a storage device. Engineer a new better super computer.Build a computer checkpoint into the super computer. With this computer we will be able scan and detect any website that displays any illegal activity such as child pornography, hacking,etc.
We shall assemble the best computer specialist worldwide and organize a 24/7 security business. The computer specialist will use their abilities to track hackers, prevent viruses,etc. All and every website ever created will be scanned through the computer checkpoint, if the website shows no illegal activity it will be restored. If the website fails to pass inspection by the super computer we will have the computer specialist to recheck the website to either agree or disagree that the website should be restored. We should then consult the creator or creators of the website and prosecute them for thier crimes. The website should then be destroyed. With the super computer we should be able to detect whether or not that the men or women posted on any pornographic site is 18 or older. If any man or women is proven to be under the age and exposed on the pornographic site then the creator/creators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent and the website should than be destroyed as soon as possible. The super computer should also detect any site that contains any illegal copies of a cd/dvd disk without the consent of the owners of the cd/dvd, as well as any computer program that is illegally used, again we shall confront the creator(s), prosecute them, then desrtoy the website. Any illegal hacking activity should be detected and investigated by the 24/7 security organization, if the hacker is considered to be a threat to the worldwide web the 24/7 worldwide security organization shall then take action against the hacker and prosecute them to the fullest extent. Any computer hacker that is trying to infest the web with virus will also be convicted and put on trial. The virus shall then be removed from the web and the computer specialist shall then work on reversing any damage that the virus has inflicted. Basically today's sites and future sites will be first inspected by the super computer then by the 24/7 security agency.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It addresses the problem with child pornography, viruses, hackers, and more...

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Date posted: 2009-04-15

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