Shut off safety valve

Specially designed sleeves are used to close an opening in a pipe. It can be used to fix a broken pipe, such as those at the oil drilling sites.

Full Description:
On a broken pipe we place a specially designed sleeve with flange. Then, with screws, we fasten the flange to the pipe. We do the same operation on the other side of the sleeve. Next, to the pipe flange, we fasten cut-off valve. The sleeve now is being slightly rolled to its optimum position. Next, with screws, we fix sleeve in its permanent position.
(proper engineering designs are available upon consultation, the idea and its design is a work of a mechanical engineer - I hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering)

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Our solution addresses fixing broken pipes, from simple plumbing pipes to oil pipelines.

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Date posted: 2009-04-19

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