Driver Alertness Enhancer

The device detects symptoms of drowsiness or general fatigue and causes vibration that "awakens the driver" to be more alert. Once the symptom stop the vibration alarm stops as well.

Full Description:
What makes this product unique is the ability for the driver to adjust the setting according to his / her comfort level. Too often a device alarm can ignored. This device has such flexible setting that each time the driver puts on the device it can feel new and therefore have the affective "shock" to arouse his / her alertness in time to avoid accidents. Every car should have such a device.
It is also very affordable.

Off course this can be applied to other industries as well, nurses, security guards, machine operators....

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
After a long day at work, driving at night or even a long drive on the highway can cause the drivers reaction time to increase dramatically. When tired, fatigued or generally sluggish even a fraction of a second faster response time can avoid an expensive accident or loss of limb or life. This device causes drivers to be more alert while driving any time.

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Invention #11432
Date posted: 2009-04-21

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