a new way to give signals while driving

an additional movement up and down to the signal stick in cars and an additional light in the rear of the car designed in the shape of a U-turn arrow.

Full Description:
Very often when a driver wants to do a U-turn using the normal signal used in cars which is right or left, the driver behind may not be 100% sure whether the driver in front wants to do a u-Turn or simply turn right (or left). My idea is to have two movements for the signal stick for each direction- two up and two down. Eg the first movement down is a normal turning left signal but two movements down means the driver is making a U-turn.This is reflected by an additional light in the shape of a U-Turn arrow in the rear of the car. Similarly two moves up means the first one turning right (with a normal signal of a flashing light in the rear of the car) but the second move up of the signal stick lights the light with the U-Shapr arrow.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Drivers behind not knowing what direction drivers in front are going - right/left or a U-Turn.

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Date posted: 2009-05-30

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