Milking Machine

There are different models and various makes of milking machines available in the market. Some milking machines can support 10 to 15 milking clusters simultaneously. Small formers having less than 6 cows cannot afford to buy and use these machines. The milk-master is a low cost hand operated milking machine affordable by small farmers also.

Full Description:
A low cost, manually operated device to help farmers in milking milch animal hygienically and reducing drudgery in the process. It is easy to use with simple operations and can also be operated by women as well. The machine is available in three variants and have an exceptionally good demand from around the country. The innovation has also been featured by Discovery Channel. The product has been manufactured and marketed under the banner of Ksheera Enterprises.


1) Clean hygienic milk collection
2) Low cost
3) Easy handling and operation
4) Easy maintenance and low running cost

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Milking is most critical work in dairy farming. When done manually, milking a cow, which yields 15 Liter milk is very tiresome. People who milk 2 or more cows in a day may suffer stiff shoulder and weakness in fingers. Milking machines make milking easier. No electricity is required, thus causing no harm to the cow, It creates vacuum (by lever and piston cylinder), no Udder pain, no leakage of milk from teat, give accurate pulsating effect.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Agriculturist, Farmers, Dairy Farming, Businessman, etc.

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Date posted: 2009-06-12

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