Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

Application: As a climbing device for trees belonging to ‘arecacea’ family such as coconut, areca-nut and palm for fruit harvesting, spraying pesticides and conducting experiments.

Alternate application: As a climbing device for electric post.

Market potential : the device is having huge potential in palm tree cultivated area such as southern Indian state of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep island, Middle East Asian countries, South East Asian countries, Australia – Oceania countries, African countries, Indian sub continent countries.

Full Description:
The Innovator has developed a simple, safe, easy to use device for any season and by any person, cutting down the climbing time to 1-2 minutes for a 40 m tree as against 4-5 minutes traditionally required. It can be an income generating product for NGO working for economic empowerment. The Indian patent 194566 has been granted to this innovation. The project has been supported under MVIF. His long customer list contains clients from in and around Northern and South America and South Asian costal countries. His unit has been registered in the name of St. Mary Industrial Complex and Research Center.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
* The device is used to climb on tall palms to pluck fruits and apply pesticides.

* Cuts down climbing time to 1/4 when compared to traditional method and also enhance safety.

* Time and cost efficient, enhance safety.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Agriculturist, Farmers, Business, Coconut Sellers, etc.

Attached files:
coconut climber.doc

Patent: US 194,566   [MORE INFO]

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Invention #11524
Date posted: 2009-06-12

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