A device with 3 designs, that works as sun thermal energy collector, storage tank and feeder, to be used ( depends on the design ) for water heating, operating electrical generator, or generate a D/C electricity, continually during day and night, 24H/day.

Full Description:
This invention consisted of ( 3 ) designs, their idea is to collect the solar infrared energy via a specially designed collectors, this energy will be absorbed by a thermal mass, which will work as a storage/ feeder, so we can have a continuous supply of heat which can be used to heat water or produce electricity, ( depend on the design ) for 24 H/day, this invention can be made of different sizes, ranging from a single user unit up to units good for big communities in remote areas.
This invention gives us clean, unlimited supply of energy, day and night all year round, with ZERO emission, no pollution, no greenhouse gas generation, and do not use any fuel, this give us a cheaper and cleaner energy.
It does not use any chemicals or hazardous materials such as batteries, battery chargers and controllers as a back up system, this reduce cost and pollution.
The system can provide thermal or electrical energy or even both in the same time according to the needs, so the user can heat water, cool or heat the house directly by thermal energy and produce electricity for other needs, while the other systems can supply one kind of energy only according to the design they made for.
The designs exploited the natural property of the matter such as glass, copper, the thermal mass and minimize the movable or high tech. parts, this make them safer, simpler, affordable, and this means a huge number of people in remote areas can benefit by them, this also means a very big market.
These solar thermo collectors have a unique highly sophisticated design, they can catch and use every bit of the available sun radiation, both the direct and the scattered rays even at cloudy days, because they collect thermal radiation which can penetrate clouds opposite of light rays which blocked or weakened by them.
They do not need any kind of construction works at their final location, because they can be pre fabricated units, ready to operate as soon as they be placed and secured in their locations, in a matter of hours, so they are time savers also, as they are cost savers.
The 1st design:-
The flat plate concentrating collector:-
It has one collecting side or face, it can use water or air as heat carrying medium, it can be used mainly to heat water, or operate solar coolers/heaters.
The 2nd design:-
The pyramid plates concentrating collector:-
It has 4 collecting sides, its main heat carrying medium is air, it can be used mainly to operate electrical generator, thou it can heat water and operate solar coolers/heaters on large scale.
The 3rd design:-
The thermo electric tile:-
It is a flat one face collector, it does not use any carrying medium, but by its special design, it can generate D/C electricity by heating an array of special generators.
Patent application number:- 12199549/ U.S.A. patent office
Status:- patent pending

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention solve, improve, and overcome the serious disadvantages of the present solar energy collectors, such as:-
1- my invention give continues supply of energy day & night, not only during day time.
2- it does not need any kind of back up facilities or storing batteries
to store the produced electricity, because this invention store heat energy as it is, to be tabbed and used as it is or run power generators.
3- it is a multi power generator, can give heat to run water heaters, solar air coolers/heaters, water pumps, electric generators or turbines.
4- it can collect and store higher temperature degrees than the other kind in its categories, which increase the efficiency.

Patent: US 12,199,549

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Invention #11561
Date posted: 2009-09-10

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