Optima battery bracket

Mounting bracket designed for Optima 12 volt motor vehicle batteries, or other auto batteries having base mounting lips, using the side walls of the engine compartment for attachment and consisting of an open tubular structure.

Full Description:
All 12 volt battery brackets reviewed by the inventor, including those designed for Optima batteries, use formed steel plate or machined aluminum plate which is usually bolted to the horizontal part of the fender liner in a vehicle engine compartment. The inherent problem with this configuration is that it causes fatigue stress cracks in the material of the fender liner, and eventual fracture. In addition, fluids and small parts may become trapped under the battery bracket plate. Trapped fluids eventually result in corrosion of the fender liner material. Small parts and tools dropped and rolling under the battery bracket may not be retrievable without removing the battery and bracket from the vehicle. The invention solves these problems by being mounted only to the vertical surfaces of the engine compartment, elevating the battery and bracket off the weaker horizontal part of the fender liner. The invention incorporates square and rectangular steel tubing, which tends to actually brace the walls of the engine compartment, and rigidly supports the battery. It has an open structure to prevent fluids from being trapped underneath the battery. Clamp plates are incorporated in the invention which secure the Optima battery to the bracket at the base of the battery (in a manner similar to some brackets already on the market), obviating the need for unsightly and inconvenient threaded rods and bars across the top of the battery. Installation is simple and can be customized for the existing hole patterns in specific vehicle engine compartments. Although the invention as represented here has been designed for the Optima brand of battery, the same basic configuration can be used in bracket designs for other brands of battery which have a mounting lip of some type incorporated in the battery base.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Provides a means of mounting an Optima 12 volt battery (and some other brands of auto battery) in a motor vehicle engine compartment so that the fender liner is not damaged and fluids and parts cannot be trapped beneath battery.

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Invention #11598
Date posted: 2010-01-14

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