Built in Stadium Recycling Bin

A bin manufactured into the chairs at sports stadiums to help consumers to recycle straight after eating or drinking. This in turn helping the clean up and sorting after the event.

Full Description:
The recycling sliding bin system can be used in stadiums of all sizes, but mostly for large stadiums. The sliding bin system will be located under each stadium seat. As the fans finish with their food or drink they can slide the bin out from underneath them put the rubbish in the bin then slide it back away underneath them, similar to a sliding tray.

The sliding bin system will leave the walkway clean from drinks and food being left on the floor in a confined space so people can still walk passed and not trip or fall over food or drinks. Another aim of the sliding bins is that the rubbish is already binned and separated into recycling and rubbish.

Our research has produced that the new stadium recycling bins increase recycling by 30% in the stadium.

If the stadium has only recycling material then the two separate compartments are not needed. The rubbish can be easily picked up since its already bagged and the janitor only needs to walk passed slide the bag out and replace with another. The bag can be of any material from paper, or even canvas for recycling purposes. What ever the material decided the bag comes packed in a way that the janitor can slide into the empty space under the seat.

The average spectator will consume something to eat, chips, hot dog, burger etc and a few drinks either beer, soft drink etc. The bins only need to be the size of all these combined measuring approx 30cm long by 15 -20 cm wide and 15 -25cm deep, just enough to fit between the legs of the spectator. An option of using replacement bags that come packed flat, easily inserting into the space under the seat. Only if the bins are used will it fold out to 15 – 25cm deep.

Assembly: The sliding bin is already molded into the bottom of the seat for when the seats are bought by stadium companies recycling efforts are already in progress.
Education and promotion are crucial to encourage public participation in recycling. Educating fans and visitors about the sliding bins and materials that are recyclable. Advertise the importance of using them over the loud speaker and on the big screen.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Sports Stadium Recycling and waste management

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Manufacturing is in place and ready to be able to service the future of stadiums around the world and decreasing our environmental footprint.

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Date posted: 2010-04-20

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