The Hoop n' Ring

The Hoop n' Ring is a hand-held miniature basketball game that is designed to be played between two or more players. The device will include a small basketball that will allow user to shoot hoops in each others Hoop n' Ring.

Full Description:
My innovative, "PATENT PENDING", idea is known as the “Hoop n' Ring”. The Hoop n’ Ring is a Novelty/Toy/Impulse product that puts a new twist on an old favorite, Basketball. It is comprised of a miniature basketball goal attached to a ring, band, or similar device that mounts onto a user’s middle finger (preferably), but can be attached to any finger. The object of the game is simple; each person will have a Hoop on one hand and will use their free hand to shoot the miniature basketball (also included)into the other user’s basket. The game was designed for two or more players but can also be played by one individual. Other comparable devices need to be mounted to some type of stationary surface to operate properly. My Invention, on the other hand, can be played wherever there are fingers. The Hoop n' Ring is a toy/novelty/specialty/ impulse item with very low cost which will benefit consumers during these tough economic times. This product is going to be great for long road trips with children, fun around the office, or just hanging out around the house or college dorm room. The Hoop n' Ring can be sold as party favors, impulse items in department and drug stores, stocking stuffers during Christmas, or inside of vending machines. This novelty item will in the future do well displaying team logos promoting the NBA, NCAA and other colleges, as well as local High School Basketball Teams. The Hoop n’ Ring toy is also going to be excellent as a media for Company Promotions and Advertisements or in conjuction with a board game.

Currently, I have a few hand-made prototypes that will give a very good idea on the appearance and functionality of the Hoop n’ Ring.

I have attached a sell sheet, prototype pictures, and measurements of the Hoop n' Ring below.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
My product solves the problem of boredom among kids and adults of all ages. My idea provides a mobile interactive way to play the game of basketball with family and friends. It provide a cheap means of entertainment for consumers during these tough economic times. It is also a great "shut me up" impulse toy for kids that will hold their attention for hours.

Attached files:
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Hoop n' Ring Prototype Pictures.jpg

Patent: US 12,652,107

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #11657
Date posted: 2011-02-24

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