LineBuddy Hands Free Diving SMB Reel

Hands free SMB reel

Full Description:
The Line Buddy would be fabricated primarily from durable but lightweight plastic and would consist of a housing that would hold a safety line in excess of 35 meters or more. The line is mounted on a spring tension mechanism that would allow the line to be extended and retracted in a manner similar to a conventional dogs lead. As the diver moves away from the safety float, the line would automatically extend. As the diver moves back towards the safety float the line would retract. The device would also be equipped with a locking mechanism that would halt the extension or retraction of the line. For example the movement of the line might be halted during a decompression stop.

With this configuration, the Line Buddy would serve as a functional safety device for use by scuba divers, and also could be used by the emergency services such as the fire brigade, the Line Buddy could be secured to an exit of a smoke filled building or compartment, and the fire fighter would then enter or exit with safety.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The LineBuddy is used for deploying and retrieving the line from a safety float to a scuba diver in a safe and hands free efficient manner.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have a list of very interested clients, one of the largest diving manufactures called ISTSPORTS have already offered to manufacture and licence the LineBuddy.
I was asked to go on Dragons Den, emails for proof, I am looking to sell the LineBuddy with all contacts and drawings.

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Invention #11706
Date posted: 2011-07-20

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