The Filta-Gutter is basically like a conventional gutter, but with a filter plate covering it. The design and configuration of the filter plate is crucial to its role as a filter

Full Description:
Basically the Filta-Gutter would be rather like conventional square, round or ogee type uPVC gutters, but with the fascia side being a little higher, and would entail a curved, rigid, perforated filter plate covering the top. The filter plate, meshed with small holes arranged in a staggered fashion, would attach to the fascia side possibly via a series of incomplete hinges and to the front lip via a small clip, thus enabling someone to simply lift the plate up in order to inspect the inside of the gutter. A staggered raised ridge along the concave section of the plate would further facilitate the separation of rainwater and debris. At the lower end of the plate, the profile would be such as to prevent rainwater from washing over the front lip of the plate (relying upon the ‘Coanda effect’), and yet encourage solid debris to be washed off or subsequently blown off in drier conditions. Whilst some smaller bits of debris could possibly slip through the filter, it is to be expected that the greater ratio of water volume to solids volume, as well as the fact that solids getting through would be tiny or even in a dissolved state, would mean that such solids that did get through would most likely be washed away through the downpipe.

The filter plate could also be sold on its own, along with a small adapter piece, enabling it to be fitted to existing guttering.

My Filta-Gutter idea came to me when I discovered my gutters had become clogged with leaves, moss, and other debris. The downpipe, too, had become clogged up. Having given the matter some thought and undertaken extensive research on existing products addressing this problem, I believe I have come up with something that is as good as anything on the market, if not better. Importantly too it is far simpler than most existing products, and, being constructed wholly out of uPVC, could be easily and cheaply produced – much more so than some of the alternatives Other advantages of the Filta-Gutter system are that the product would be highly adaptable, easily installed, could be sawn to length, and would not rust. Importantly too, it need not necessitate dismantling of existing guttering, as one could opt to purchase just the filter plate and an appropriate number of adapter pieces (which screw into the fascia board), and fit these to the existing guttering.
I am looking for someone or some business organisation with sufficient capital to take on this idea, and seriously consider mass-producing the Filta-Gutter. Given its advantages, I do believe this could be a lucrative investment in what is a relatively specialised market. However, guttering is a requirement in most Western type residential units, and the importance of having a low-maintenance reliable product is particularly evident in multi-storey buildings where access is a significant problem.
In exchange for sharing this idea, I would expect a modest initial payout and a small cut from ongoing sales. I am not out to make millions from this invention; seeing the idea come to fruition would be a reward in itself.
Initial contact with any interested party would, of course, have to involve the signing of confidentiality agreements and so on. Subsequently, I will furnish the interested party with diagrams illustrating the concept.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention addresses the problem of blocked gutters and downpipes

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Date posted: 2011-07-20

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