Nuclear Medicine PET Instrument Sanitizer/Sterilizer

Infection control in nuclear medicine does not address syringe shields and other instruments that may carry germs from one patient to another

Full Description:
Concern about the spread of infections in the Nuclear Medicine Departments in hospitals and free standing imaging centers has prompted regulatory agencies to mandate infection control standards. Each department is now required to have written policies and procedures which describe measures to prevent and control the spread of nosocomial infections along with quality assurance programs to assure that procedures are followed. Departments of Nuclear Medicine utilize syringe shields for personell radiation protection that may create a route of cross contamiation and compromise cleanliness of the venopuncture. Sanitizer by Saninuc, Inc. has been specifically designed to address the issue of sterilizing syringe shields.


- LEAD SHIELDING: protects from gamma radiation while sterilizing.

- AUTOMATIC TIMER: "set it and forget it"! Sanitizer will shut off by itself at the end of a cleaning cycle.

- INTERNAL REFLECTIVE SURFACES: reflects UV light into all areas of the instruments being sanitized for complete clean!

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Infection control in the imaging field of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT.
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Invention #11763
Date posted: 2012-06-19

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