Application for finding, communicating & meeting with random people being in the same place using only location.

An internet/mobile application automatically connecting people within the same location and providing communication platform for business or pleassure purposes.

Full Description:
The system (100) enables and facilitates communication of people nearby by transferring and exchanging the messages from one person to another. In addition many users can post messages in the same time under the same hash tag or location name, enabling exchange of information between all people within the same location. The “location” simply becomes a user that anyone can talk too , equally anyone within the “location” can communicate to everyone in the location with a single post.

Technically such system may be virtual (100) or physical (400), (700) or a mixture of both. Depending on use and configuration of its components/modules it may be centralised, with master common medium, or de-centralised, where each module of the system works as a standalone independent device.

Without explaining technical details which may be revealed only to the potential buyer it`s important to highlight the revolutionary commercial aspects of the invention.

The proposed system enables exchange of information between users in the same place, and spend money on activities they couldn’t do alone, anonymously, without the need of knowing each other, in real time, providing customers with new possibilities and experiences, including information, entertainment, socialising, networking…

The invention creates new streams of revenue for places/locations, i.e. reviews, popularity, generates bookings. Indirect benefits from positive internet reviews, friend’s recommendations, and overall system`s popularity and hype, various localised marketing campaings available to display to users of the system etc.

In the bigger picture the invention is believed to financially transform hospitality market by: Creating new travel destination, new form of tourism – traveling to meet other people, New customers target group – peope travelling alone, Popularise use of hotels, coffe shops, bars, as meeting places, hotels seen as places not only for couples, friends but also singles who can find company on site, customers keep spending money on activities they wouldn’t do without meeting people through the invented system.

Users of the system - who will be most interested? Everyone who likes to talk, online or personally, needs information, advice, likes to meet interesting people, spend nice time in company of others etc. Two main potential user types; Information seekers and Company seekers.

All rights reserved by the owner. UK patent pending No. GB1209645.9.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The invention provides a system and method of communicating with random people nearby without seeing them or knowing their contact details, e.g. telephone, email, physical address, personal website or internet profile on social media websites.

Nowadays no system or method, exists to anonymously contact person sitting at a table next to us, or someone in hotel room next door without knowing their contact details. At present people have to see, hear each other or use a common internet website, but, first they would have to know that it exists for the place/location.

The invention proposes a solution to these problems by means of a communication medium that automatically connects users within the same location. Such system may be virtual (100) or physical (400), (700) or a mixture of both.

Breaking the ice in communication with unknown people in the same place is particularly usefull for users of: hotels, cruise ships, sport gyms, coffee shops, universities, libraries, marketplaces and anywhere where people may want to socialize, talk or find help, information, entertainment or company. The service opens possibilities not available anywhere and serves multitude of functions for business or pleassure.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
The potential investor/buyer will acquire:

-- Beta version of the application inlcuding including bespoke communication engine
-- Power point presentation explaining the application and business idea
-- Power point presentation for potential commercial clients
-- 2 years worth of market research, statistics, estimations, predictions, market value, draft business plan, business model,
-- Potential commercial customers` data base.
-- All marketing materials, content, texts, slogans, design materials, graphics, templates, sketches logos, domains,
-- Business development strategy and ideas.
-- Etc.

Prices negotiable. Preferably equity in business, share in profits etc.

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Patent: GB 12,096,459

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Invention #11772
Date posted: 2012-09-17

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