Continuous Tire Pressure Monitor

This system monitors constantly pressure in each tire and sends the info to a screen in front of the driver.

Full Description:
The system consists of 4 pressure sensing units with inbuilt RF sending capabilities and a RF receiver with readable screen. The sensing units are mounted on a flexible strip of plastic and permanently clued on each wheel as shown in the attached picture. It should be light enough to not have affect on wheel balance.
The receiver is capable of reading incoming signals from all four sending units and gives readout for each on the inbuilt screen. A light emitting diode emits green light if pressure is OK (perhaps 20 to 22 psi). The LED emits yellow if the pressure is -+ 5%. And it emits red if pressure is -+15%. If the red signal is reached then the receiver makes also an audible tone.

The system is intended to be manufactured and sold as an accessory option for older cars.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Since the tubeless tire people are always on edge about the tire pressure. Especially if they have had a puncture or leak.

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Date posted: 2013-01-02

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