Apparatus and method for locatable encoding alarms

It emits distinctive, locatable encoded noises and light that enhance peoples' ability to consciously or subconsciously find objects.

Full Description:
This invention emits distinctive, locatable, intermittent, complex multiple frequency encoded noises which enhance listeners' conscious or subconscious abilities to estimate both the object's distance and spacial orientation. Additionally, the apparatus provides encoded pulsed light of primary output wavelengths in the range of 380 to 780 nanometers with balanced and selected saturation purity, interference, chromaticity, pulse duration, luminous flux and coherence that enhance viewers' ability to consciously or subconsciously estimate both the distance to the object and at least two angles between the viewers and the object, resulting in heightened alarm, awareness, and locatability for a large percentage of human beings.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
People often loose important or useful items. This invention increases the awareness of and locatability of objects, even for sight or hearing impaired individuals.

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Package design, tooling, prototypes, manufacturing equipment and marketing analysis.

Patent: US 5,949,328

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Invention #11812
Date posted: 2013-03-07

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