A soft indoor football with built in voice control teaching the young person how and when to pass & real life crowd sounds emits from the ball

Full Description:
my invention relates to a method and device for a squeeze football with audio playback. the said football when caught by a player emits an audible voice message or crowd roar sounds appropriate to the game of football.
The said football is made of any compressible material such as synthetic or natural fibers. The squeeze football further comprises an electronic module with a loudspeaker for recording and emitting user defined voice messages such as ''GOAL'' , ''COME ON'' Or the like. The multiple voice messages are emitted in a random sequence when the said football is squeezed by the player.
The device of the present invention provides a sense of participation in a professional game played in a stadium to the user

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
A safe way to teach young children how to control a football in the comfort of you're own home.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have had help off 3 USA companies such as Davidson & Design mind group,
Both wanted to take on my invention but there fee's were far to high to consider.

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Date posted: 2013-08-03

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