the REAL game of life

I have an idea to create a new board game, a spin off of a current board game which takes you though life. The current game shows more of a "clean" version of life events you can come across. The REAL game of life will provide a comical game that people can relate to on a more realistic level.

Full Description:
This is a board game which will consist of a board, cards, dice, as well as game pieces. You will start at the beginning and draw a card for a path to start on. From there, you will roll dice to begin your journey in the "real world" game of life. You will encounter several obstacles throughout the game such as caught spouse cheating, got a divorce, married a millionaire, won the lottery, lost rent money at the casino, got laid off due to government shutdown, ran over a prostitute and are getting sued, spilled drive throuh coffe on yourself and sued the company etc... The point is to provide more situations in the game that happen to people daily (or comical situations that have happened to people). This would sell great in a novelty store. It can be considered a sort of "gag" or "funny" gift for a friend, or a game to play with your friends over some cocktails.

Please be aware I have reserached the patent office and find this could not be patented due to the nature of the morality. To my knowledge there are no other inventions/ ideas of this type of product.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
i does not address a problem, but provides an adult board game that presents real life situations of hardship and success. It allows adults to "laugh" about the situations hat happen in every day real life.

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Invention #11881
Date posted: 2013-10-04

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