Baseball Swing Trainer Head Coach Trainer

Batter attaches helmet to stationary device and adjusts height of swing trainer to his height. Batter than places helmet on and begins hitting balls via soft toss or batting practice. If the batter moves too much helmet provides tactile feedback.

Full Description:
The HeadCoachTrainer is a patented baseball swing trainer. The swing trainer is designed to help batters from moving their head too much during their swing. The swing trainer is a vertical and horizontal pole attached to a base that is height adjustable to the batter. A player attaches his helmet to the horizontal pole after adjusting the vertical pole to proper height. The helmet is attached/hangs from a clip that is connected to a chain that is thread through the vent holes of the helmet.
If a batters head is moving too much during their swing it will negatively impact their ability to hit the baseball. An example is your brain is a computer and every time you have to make a decision or process something a series of events has to occur. In hitting a baseball the same is true. Your eyes must be able to follow and focus on the baseball and if the players head is moving too much it is difficult to track the baseball. It can be agreed that many young players step out, dive or lunge at the baseball when learning how to swing properly. Personally, I struggled as a coach trying to get my players from lunging or stepping out or diving when they swung and verbal cues were not working. Young players struggle with abstract reasoning and getting a player to stay back in their swing was a challenge.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Minimizes batters head movement during swing. Many batters tend to lunge, dive or shift that causes too much head movement which causes brain to have to recalculate body movement.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
patent, manufactured equipment and prepackaged trainers and domain name for sale for $100 thousand total.

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Patent: US 8,388,462

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Invention #11925
Date posted: 2014-01-09

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