Hands-free electric skateboard with freewheel and mechanical brakes.

Full Description:
SkatE-Pods closely resembles the feel of natural skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding in an electric skateboard. First, it doesn't need a remote control so your hands are free like in the above mentioned board sports. Secondly, it has a freewheel mechanism to simulate the non-drag feel of coasting or bombing downhills. Third, the different set-ups of the motor, wheels, tires, trucks, battery location, etc. enables different ride stance and feel; in other words, it is fully customizable. There are other advantages and benefits which will be inherently obvious once one rides one of the SkatE-Pods. Patent Pending

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Introduction of freewheel and mechanical brakes on Electric Skateboards.

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Invention #11942
Date posted: 2014-03-04

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