foldable electrically heated car cover

full cover for vehicle thus preventing ice/snow accumulation on car .tarp is insulated with wiring thru out to emit heat

Full Description:
tarp is fully insulated and has wiring thru out to emit heat to entire vehicle thus eliminating the tedious work of scraping ice/snow's made of vinyl powered by house hold outlet.also powered by chargeable battery in case you have to go to work or on a trip.light weight so even 1 person can easily remove or put on car.foldable for easy storage in trunk or garage.have provisional patent for it.lokking to either license with royalties or complete sell out.only designs are prototype.if interested I will send designs and more info all i'll need is your e-mail.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
ice/snow removale from car

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
interested parties please answer to this ad i'll provide more info prices will be totally up to licensee or buyer

Attached files:
Garza J Electric Car Blanket TW.docx

Patent: US 62,047,927

Asking price: [CONTACT SELLER]
Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #12005
Date posted: 2014-10-08

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