Doubles Handball

Equipment includes a small bat strapped firmly to each hand.
Usually played with a ‘High Bounce’ ball or with a table tennis ball for ‘Doubles Ping Pong’.
Games can be played in confined spaces and set up takes only a few seconds.

Full Description:
Here are some basic rules or you can adapt your own favourite sport rules as practice or for fun

Doubles Solo - Workout with rhythm
Bats have a castinette sound when clapped together making them ideal for dance moves.
Special needs kids seem to have rhythm and the sound will enhance their experience.
Bounce the ball on the ground with left and right hands alternately
Consciously exercise both arms, both shoulders and back
Try playing to music to add rhythm - Set targets as you improve
Get closer to the ground to increase speed, exercise level and concentration
Juggle the ball in the air with both hands to improve skill and concentration

Doubles Solo - Wall Workout
Play against any wall - Bounce once on the ground
Serve with one hand against the wall and take the return with the other hand
Start close to the wall and move back as speed and power improves

Doubles Handball - Two players
Draw a circle on a hard surface into which the ball is played
Play and receive the ball with alternate hands
Move around as the play dictates
Scoring - Lose points for wrong hand or missing the circle
Game gains power and speed as proficiency improves

Doubles Ping Pong
Use any table - Smaller is harder
Play is to keep the ball bouncing on the table like table tennis
Scoring - Lose points for wrong hand or missing the table
Move around as play dictates - No formal sides

DoublesHandball is virtually unlimited in the number of variations that present themselves depending on the needs of the player. Some kids split up the kits and use one bat each for their own game of choice.

This game is ready to go to market. I have put in a great deal of work into its design and development and I am willing to discuss any partnership or if that is not satisfactory, a complete sale of all IP and samples etc, as it would be a travesty to leave it on the shelf. Quite simply, I just don't have the funds to promote it however, All collateral was completed on a shoestring and can be improved upon significantly to increase impact.

I am a marketing specialist with serious experience and I can be of value to the process ( my CV is available ).

I also have a number of other sports training mechanisms in various stages of prototyping and pre production that may be considered in discussions.

Please check out the DoublesHandball website

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Doubles Handball is a unique ‘Training Game’ designed to improve balance, coordination and Bilateral Symmetry. By training a player to use both hands and both sides of the body whilst playing a competitive fun game it improves focus eg young players in close in fielding positions. Intended also for special needs kids with dyslexia etc.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Website is complete and uploaded. Business and marketing plans will be produced in consultation. Single shot production mould is complete and samples have been produced which are of a very high quality. All production issues with plastics etc have been addressed. Production run of 1,000 bats for sales purposes completed. Packaging has been completed for sales purposes however this needs improvement. Straps are produced in China with branding and are of good quality. Balls are stock standard high bounce balls.

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Available for consultation? Yes

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Date posted: 2014-10-23

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