V-Tip Toenail , Fingernail and Ingrown Nail-Clippers

Revolutionary design of nail-clippers, that is for daily use and addressing the
serious problem associated with ingrown nails.

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Why The V-Tip Nail-Clippers

The V-Tip Nail-Clippers is a cut above all the rest, there is none like the V-Tip Nail-Clippers. The V-Tip Nail-Clippers are a new, unique, specialty and multifunctional, Nail Tools, for grooming the toes, fingers and addressing problems pertaining to Ingrown nails or nails that are becoming ingrown. This process is achieved because the V-Tip Nail-Clippers have extended rectangle cutting edges, that allow the nail clippers to contour to your nails. The ergonomic edges that extend, not only to taper your nails smoothly, but to also cut closer to the exterior part of your nails where most ingrown nails occur. Our one of a kind extended cutting edge nail clippers, when used properly, will allow prevention of ingrown nails whereby allowing the user to clip the corners of the nails in the groove of the skin of the toe-nails or finger-nails, with ease. The V-Tip Nail-Clippers also have wider opening cutting edges. Diabetics and other members of society often have thicker nails, the wider opening enables the user to clip thicker nail with ease. Acrylic nails become easier to clip with the V-Tip Nail-Clippers. To sum it all up, the use of the V-Tip Nail-Clippers on a regular base, will leave you with healthier nails and the prevention ingrown nails.

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Date posted: 2014-12-05

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