Debit Card/Credit Card Verifier

It is an invention which helps to deal in verifying the company's calling you for any kind of credit card/debit card or any kind of monetary transactions.

Full Description:
We all face fear while giving out our credit card/debit card details to any person who is speaking on the phone for any sales of the product.So here is a solution for the same. What i thought was If there was a smart machine which is compact enough to fit in our pockets like a Small Ipad, where we just verify the person/company who is calling for the sales with their code, given by this machine.The consumer will feed this code into their smart machines, they will know who the company/person is and will also know if the transaction is safe.The machine will work on inbuilt WIFI , and can only be used for this purpose and nothing else. Once a transaction is done, the consumer will also receive the receipt on this machine with the charges like an e-receipt.This way both the consumer and trader can benefit in a secure environment. Both consumer and the trader has to register for this smart machine first.They will be given different smart machines,different for consumers and different for traders.Trader's can verify the card details as well.Please contact at my email address or call/text me in advance for the final discussion. Only genuine people may contact.Need to inform at least 2 weeks before for the appointment.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It focuses on the fraud that gets caused by people calling over the phone.

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Invention #12036
Date posted: 2015-02-06

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