In order to eliminate condensation phenomenon, the dew point of warm vapors has to be inside of a vapor impermeable insulation.

Full Description:
The avoiding condensation method is summarized in the idea of a principle of physics and technique, which says: ”When differences of temperature exist, and an enclosure is interposed between the interior higher temperature and the exterior lower temperature (or vice versa), to avoid condensation, the heat flow have to convert the cold flow (heat deficit) in an insulation material or insulation assembly without vapor diffusion or any air/vapor flow that transport warm vapors towards cold zones.”
This principle has to be the fundamental of a new building science allowing to designing and building without condensation, mold and degradation.
The vapor impermeable (Non-Permissive) insulations claimed are proved in practice as complete eliminating the in-wall water and also proved a 3 to 5 times more thermal efficiency than in-cavity insulations combined with vapor barriers by eliminating phenomenon as in-cavity convection, infiltration/exfiltration, thermal bridges etc. The specified (in laboratory determined) λ, R-value of an air/vapor permeable insulation it is not applied to the wall because of permeability, air movement because of Δ Temperatures and is also decreased by increasing of humidity.
See also NP-EIFS (US 8,789,329 B2), the technology to create Non-Permissive insulations.
EIOS (Exterior Insulation Over Specified) is the upcoming brand for Non-Permissive insulations, available for customers upon project requests, and for investors.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The invention reveals the only method to design and construct enclosures as insulated envelope walls without the occurring of condensation phenomenon.
First, it eliminates the condensation phenomenon in the envelope wall, and all forms of intruding water. Envelope walls are always dry, in any climate condition.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
EIOS, the amazing product that eliminates all problems of envelope walls, by respecting the Principle of Avoiding Condensation, available for customers, builders and designers as the all-in-one water/air/vapor entirely barrier with very high thermal efficiency.
EIOS is also available for investors to partner for the implementation of this new concept. The market is represented by every house and building in this world. Every building, from very poor to valuable constructions has to comply with the new concept of avoiding condensation.
Other practical advantages and business opportunities can be sent by request.

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US 87,893,292
US 201,500,478,161

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Date posted: 2015-07-18

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