Oxford Student Selected: 900 words a day of Spanish can be learnt!

A demo recording: www.rec.im. Demo method of learning used by many U.K. and global schools (U.K. and U.S. Syllabus compatible).

Full Description:
Horatio Anthony Baugh's Demo CD-Rom: Every week 400 CD-Rom's are sold. My Demo is better than Rosetta Stone. The maximum I have sold one demo Cd-Rom is for £6,000.00. The lowest is any price. Good innovative techniques. Used by schools. You could get £25,000.00, for my Demo CD-Rom.

How To Get Rich:

Learning rate of up to 900 words a day of German or French. Normally takes 1 year. Rosetta Stone costs £200.00 to learn 900 words of Spanish in many months.

Cutting Edge Learning - Change the World:

Like AOL Dial Up Access to connect to the Internet. It took for ever to connect to the Internet. You would get disconnect unexpectedly. You couldn't use the telephone. Then came along Cable, and made it faster and a lot better.

For Internet users it cut Dial Up Time by 80%.

Or When Myspace social network came along, Facebook made it better.

Again, when Archie the Search Engine was launched it was bettered by Google.

It summary the next generation of products made it better than the first approaches.

My Demo CD-Rom is like the next generation of Language Learning products. It puts Rosetta Stone to shame.

How We Get Rich:

Turn a private school into a client. Turn a wealthy family into a client. Let the client acquire my CD-Rom for a reassuringly high price.

How Much Time to Act is Now:

Technology companies and retail companies are looking for fast language learning products. Any day now there could be an announcement on my members page that my CD-Rom demo has been acquired by a company. You just don't know. One of the big companies could pick out the small guys - me, and sign me up. This could be big. Partner with me and partner with my demo CD-Rom version.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
People will go into bookstores and ask for my demo version language learning CD-Rom to learn fast!

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Rapid Language Learning DEMO CD-Rom, 4 Languages, German, French, Spanish, Welsh, 10 words per language to practice learning, interactive with mini movies.

License rights for your country: Price £900 per month + 3% Royalties for 5 years.

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Date posted: 2015-08-17

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