My idea is called TI-BOW. It is a new age DTV converter box that runs through the internet. You do not need to use A antenna for this box.
you will be able to store all your shows on the maine minue.And you will be able to accsess these chanales through the time zone.
If you wish to watch a show, but it is over ware you are, but it may not be on yet .You can go to the guide and access it from someone else's time zone.The remote stores all your remotes as apps in one device. you just swip your fanger to pick the one you wish to use.And exit to start over. You also can preview channel's that you want to watch. By looking at the channel guid that look's LIKE windows Media music stations(radio).All you have to do is use your up and down arrow keys to select a Channel and then hit prevue.All this is done by using a touch screen remote. It has the same design As a Touch Screen Cell Phone.

Full Description:
Ti-Bow is a new age DTV converter box. Made to give more channels, to the consumer.While doing it all for a free, and a open service for the consumer.

This box gives the consumer more option, and lets them disced what they can watch. You can still add net flex to it, for a monthly charge. My box runs off of channel auxiliary so there is no need to worry.There is more then one aux chanael.This is a wifi and channel auxiliary combination, as a app setting. It works much like windows media, music, channels,But for TV. It uses the internet to BROADCAST Its channel's. You don't have to uses a, Antenna for this box. You need to charge people a monthly Charge for this serves. By adding a charge to there monthly internet bill of 5. 99 per month.

This go's to Operate the web site.It uses a touch screen remote. That's design is much like a Touch screen cell phone, but work's as a remote control. It uses wifi, to change the channels.


You don't have to point the remote at the T.V.to change the channels,It changes through wifi.The Home PHONE/ REMOTE CONTROL, has a SD card that you can store all your video & phone messages on,& transfer to your computer to save.The battery remands a cell phone battery, so there is no need to use, reusable one's.the phone can be used at home or on the Go.As log as you have a wifi connection.There is no need to buy a separate, external phone.The new remote comes with TI-BOW,IT IS PART OF THE PACKAGE. It charges on the front of The Unit.The USB is on the side of the remote. You can use the remote as a front panel touch screen,When you are charging your remote.

My idea is this;

Use a touch screen remote, that has the capability to download apps, off of the internet.These apps download off the internet, to the box,Then to The Remote. You can store your apps, on the box, for further use.Then you can store your apps on your remote, so you can use it later.This is dune by storing your app's on the SD card.

(Reminder ) This box dose not use a antenna to broadcast,but uses the internet, to broadcast your shows.It connects to your TV using midi and a/v connections,as well as a Cable Connection and wifi. It connects to the internet,only by wifi through, a internet modem.

(Reminder) You must set up a pass word, on your Ti-Bow box if you won't the box to work.You don't won't other people to mess up the program, that you are watching,and change the stats ion or settings on your box. The box uses the cereal number on the box as a pass word, to your wifi connection.You can also use, any wifi connection, any ware you are as long as you know the pass word, to that connection.You can also use it in, RV'S.

Not every RV has a internet ready satellite dish. Some can't afford it.This is great if you are at a football game and they provide, wifi at the game.Michael big ham. Long Tech Technologies.You also get FAMILY SECURITY.This function allows you to set a pass word, for your child's TV. To automatically shut off their TV when it is time for bed.They CAN NOT, tern it back on,WITH OUT, putting in a pass word, on their remote.If they don't know it, it will not tern no aunt ill the appointed time, set by the parent.THIS IS DUNE, ONLY BUY THE WIFI SETTINGS.

I won't to start my owen company called,Long Tech Technologies. It will fetcher a new age DTV converter box,called TI-BOW.That get's its channel's through the internet. I will also make computers too,that run off of( ABRAHAM).They will be called (E-OMEGA).You get a Touch Screen Key Board,that runs off of a cell phone battery.Its Key Board charges through the USB connection
On The Computer,and runs on wifi.My Computers design,Is like a desktop and a laptop.Put to gather.Unlike the traditional laptop/desktop,it uses the laptops inner makings,and the body,but not the bolt in monitor.It has a small thin monitor, that is easy to set up.The monitors power source is 3 cables in one.One is a AVG connection,the other is a power connection.The monitors power sours is the computer.While the power sours connects to the computer,from the wall.It has a lithium Ion battery that charges the computer so you can take it,on the Go.My computers run on 2 processors thats design is simple,(STACKABLE)These processors have vary small fans on a square mother board, that slides in to a connection on the mother board side ways.This mother board is always flat.You replace the laptops key board with a flat clear peace of plastic.Other then that the E- Omega stays the same as traditional computers.These computers will cost$400 to $500 to perches

Part 2 of TI-BOW
It will have a cell phone based remote control,that also is your home phone.There, is way more to this idea then just a remote, and home phone.You can download remote app's off of the internet and store them on your remote.This service is not free,but the DTV service his free.

Say BY'BY to cable.With my service you get all of what you would, with cable, for free.The only diffrents is,you still have to pay for the move stations ,by ordering net flex. You will have a option of the move pervaders,that you can use to get this service.There is not just one move pervader, out there.But you will have to use the same box,TI-BOW for what ever pervader that you chose.There is no need to use a box, that is just for, one pervader. You can use my box for all pervaders.You just download that pervaders program app's off of the internet,and get started.You can use different pervaders to get different fetchers or programs that you like.It will all work the same.It is no different, then having a computer,but you use the same software for the same operating system.my box"TI-BOW" is a new operating system called( ABRAHAM). This operating system,uses wifi to transfer information to you in pixel formate.Much like a computer duse.You don't need a satellite dish to get a single or cables running from a out side soure.You just need a hi speed internet connection,and a wifi modem.My box is bought in my store,and you don't have to worry about paying for a service fee,to use my box. If you need a new one,Down the rowed,you just perches a SD card, and back up your information,on it, for fetcher use,With a luther box.My box will run you about $ 250.00 dollars.That is all you will pay for.There is no need for any service call's on my box or to have any installation charges added to a bill.Because there is no bill.You pay for the box, the app's and the SD card,that is it.If you wish to have the move channel's then you have to deal with that move pervader,that you wish to work with.I have no part in that.

It is a ID-V.C.B.R-unit. That stands for;
Internet,Digital,Video,Remote controle,Broadcasting,Receiver.It has the capability to broadcast through the internet,and receive T.V channel's,music,radio and app's for this prepuce. You become the network,and the audience.

You can also use A app I call G FORCE.It is A app that you can easily contact the military to in list.
You can reach them,over the wifi app just like skip,but you will be monitored if you use this app.You can chose the branch of service that best fits you and your needs.This app costs 2.99 to download.All proceedings go to the military to help with any research that may help improve enlistment.So the government is making money.Not me!

There is also,a app called( job fury).This app gets you in touch with any and every job across the country.You can meet,any employer,face to face,over skip.You just tip in the zip code ware you wish to search,and what tip,of job you are interested in and a number of jobs pop up,that are available.
Then you klick on that email adders,and it dials the number over skip.All numbers are hidden,to protect the employer.This way the employer can use,their cell phone number as well to hire their employees,if needed.This app costs 99 cents to download.You can use pay pall to download this app or any debit or credit card you wish.All applications are filled out by the employer,to protect the information of the worker.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
You get more channels through the internet,touch screen remote,software & sours code download/free,world wide channel accuses,remote software app storage/sours code software.wifi downloads for sours code & software, wifi connectively for operation of devices/On/Off,and all other functions.FAMILY SECURITY.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have not started my Business yet Please help me by buying by idea,Asking price$ 1,500,496
I have not built it yet but know it will work. it is my plan to grow a company that is recourse full, and Zealous of its priority to let the con comer help with its product ideas.That way we don't have to worry To much about what the con comer wont's,out of are products.And it helps with high ring people.knowing the mind of who you are looking to higher is vary import end.I hope to work with any technology company that is willing to help others and per vied a safe and helpful work place,
To the worker and the consumer.

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