Emergency Fire Rescue Crane - Electronic Crane Device For Tall buildings / skyscrapers etc.

An electronic computer programmed Fire rescue crane with wireless connection network / Bluetooth function integrated / reel system for metal rope ,, can be controlled / deployed from various computer terminals i.e in building also from i phone's with Fire & safety emergency crane app programme etc ,,,,,,,,,,
Fire cranes deploy a strong specially designed metal rope down sides of buildings / skyscrapers etc.

Full Description:
FIRE SAFETY & RESCUE DEVICE For Tall buildings / skyscrapers / office blocks

The fire safety device is a very strong weight enduring crane that can be mounted and placed on top of skyscrapers , buildings etc ,,, several of them can be mounted and placed on the roof of a skyscraper etc ,,, ( each crane - metal rope can hold several people's weight )

SCENARIO IN CASE OF FIRE'S - In office / Building level where there is no fire escape route -
The crane or crane's on top of the building roof will deploy and 4-5 cables will drop to the ground on each side of the building ( once cranes have been activated )
20 - 30 cranes in total set in place around the roof top of the building / skyscraper will drop 5 metal cables on each side of the building near windows ( cleverly placed + designed ) ,,,,,,,,,,
this to help multiple people to escape from a fire outbreak - in a burning office / floor level etc. in a skyscraper / building where there is no escape route available.
The crane has a strong thin metal rescue cable that can be deployed manually ,, this if the 1st wireless alarm system fails ( remote activate crane's from computer terminal / app program ) -
this is the secondary alarm option - ( fire alarm button near window ) - ( thin wire tug cable's are built in the wall ,,, ,from top to bottom of the skyscraper etc )
this manual tug mechanism activate's the crane's ,,,,,,,

Fire alarm panic button in every office room near windows .. on every level of the building and also in the security control room of the skyscraper / building.

Fire alarm panic button on every floor level / office -
Once the button is pushed in any part of the building a signal is sent to the crane's on the roof via a wireless connection ,,,, the cranes will activate and drop the cable to the ground ,,,,
( if no one activates crane via the computer programme ,, or if there are complications - cut off from communication etc. ,, the crane will automatically drop cable to ground level ( it has a safety feature programed into its programing )

The weight enduring crane's -
The cranes have a electronic reel system integrated onto them - they drop the metal cable to ground level and also wind the cable back up to the top of the building ,,, Crane on reel system can stop cable at any point down the skyscraper.

Fire safety Drill - in every office or level of the building there would be specially designed harness equipment ( designed to attach to the cranes specially designed metal cable ) ,,,,,,,,
you would put the harness round your waist
,,, then near the window of the building connect yourself to the metal cable and rappel down the building to the ground !!

In the main security control room of the skyscraper a security team could control the cranes from a computer console ( civilians could also control the crane's with Apple I phone's - emergency crane access app program )

'' i.e ,, example - operator ,,, there is a fire on level 23-26 ,,
an automatic computer program would tell the crane's to drop the cable a certain distance down
the building ( calculated move )
The civilians on that level could connect to the specially designed metal cable just out of the window ,,,,
the cranes would drop them lower ,,,, and lower ,,, or just a few levels down ,,,, or even up to the roof etc.
More civilians on the same floor level could connect to the metal cable as the crane drops the first civilians to level below ,,,,, this repeated etc. ( each crane can support 5-10 peoples weight on it at the same time ? )

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
An effective Fire & Safety escape device solution ,,,,,,, if there is no escape route from a fire outbreak ,,
this device solves that problem.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Fire & safety specially designed body harnesses ( connects to the fire cranes metal hooked ridged metal rope ) price $70

Fire Cranes price including Idea's / Info / designs - theory design concept's only / Copyright to invention / equipment etc -
$70000000 '' or nearest offer negotiable ''
A licencing agreement option is open to negotiation for this invention !!

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Patent: US 2,258,436,777

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Invention #12109
Date posted: 2015-12-13

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