The Finger-Friendly Pinchless Hinge

An entirely new method of hinging prevents any gap between the door and the door frame which, in turn, eliminates any chance of fingers or toes from being pinched at the hinged end.

Full Description:
Because of the simplicity of this idea, a full description of it may give away enough information to make it possible for the idea to be stolen. For this reason, I have kept the description a bit vague.

This type of hinge completely eliminates the chance of fingers, hands or toes from being pinched at the hinged end. An entirely new way of hinging is used that eliminates any gap between the door and the door frame. With no gap to put fingers and toes into, there is no chance of pinching.

Families with small children, schools, day-care centers, and more will be interested in this.

The non-gap construction also makes the door more break-in resistant.

The Pinchless Hinge is safe, secure and has an attractive design. It can easily be mass-produced.

A working model is in progress, as of 2/6/16, and will soon be complete.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The Pinchless Hinge eliminates the risk of injury due to pinching at the hinged end of the door or cabinet.

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Invention #12117
Date posted: 2016-02-07

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