Aircraft Reliability Engineering Software System (ARESS)

Safety is a key technical issue in aviation industry. Reliability analysis provides a very important systematic assessment and evaluation of safety level as far as it concerns the aircraft systems. It assists to track technical failures and prevent incidents/accidents as far as it is possible through utilizing the system.

Full Description:
This invention is in fact a comprehensive data-driven tool for numerical assessment and evaluation of safety level of all aircraft systems.

This invention is a comprehensive software system named “ARESS”, short for Airplane Reliability Engineering Software System, developed by me based on the studies I have made during several past years. This advanced Windows software utilizes the latest technologies and it is an integrated environment and world-level solution that can provide (for the first time) a comprehensive aircraft system/module/component level reliability analysis for all systems of all aircraft models existing in a fleet of an airline. All types of aircraft and systems can be analyzed by the software system.

The software is designed to provide reliability analysis and complex computations for any airplane model; however an example with a well-known modern passenger airplane model shows that how the software works by using simulated and real data sets for its systems. The computation of operational (in-service) reliability of an aircraft is a complex task and depends on the performance of its systems. The “ARESS” software uses the modern, advanced, and robust reliability analysis methods.

I plan to assign the whole project including software, its source codes (about 12,000 lines of codes) and analytical documents to the company that plan to buy the software system.

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Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This invention is a key solution and product for aviation safety and aircraft maintenance in aviation industry.

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Date posted: 2016-10-23

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